The Kester Homestead and The Local Branch are owned and operated by husband and wife duo Blaine and Mackenzie.


The Local Branch is the couple's first project together - a handcrafted leather goods and apparel brand they founded in 2009 while living in San Francisco. The pair turned their small brand into a full-time endeavor when they renovated a mobile Airstream workshop and toured the country full time for two years.

The Local Branch now has a brick + mortar shop in the quaint lake town of Skaneateles NY, just 7 miles away from The Homestead. The shop has a canteen serving coffee and tea and features a variety of handcrafted and USA made goods as well as antiques.

The Kester Homestead is the couple's newest venture - an old, historic farmhouse situated on 10 acres with a big barn, open yard, woodlands. An ideal backdrop for small gatherings, farm to table suppers and wedding soirees. Their family lives in The 1854 House full time but they